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Cheapest Data Prices in Australia.

Due to our buying power and being the largest dedicated server provider in Australia we get the cheapest prices in Australia due to our volume. We pass this onto you. These datapacks are available with all our Dedicated Servers, Colocation Services and Virtual Private Servers. Here are the prices:

Additional Data

Data Pricing

The following data packs are available for pre-paid purchase.

Prices for additional data can be seen in the table to the right and can be ordered online through our portal or by calling 1300 788 862.

Additional Data

Price Per Month

100GB $10
500GB $45
1000GB (About 1TB) $90
1500GB (About 1.5TB) $130
2000GB (About 2TB) $162
3000GB (About 3TB) $229
4000GB (About 4TB) $288
5000GB (About 5TB) $338
10,000GB (About 10TB) $630

Excess Data

Excess data outside your included data pack is charged at:

$1.10 per GB

Additional IP Pricing

Additional IP Addresses are charged at the below rate per IP (maximum 5IPs):

$5.50 per IP per month

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